Freelance Opportunities

Detailed information regarding available freelance projects is below. If you’d like to be considered for the project, submit your qualifications and contact information to with the title of the opportunity in the subject line of your e-mail.  Since these opportunities are project-based, work may not be available immediately or on a regular schedule.

Item Development Specialist Consultant

Provide expertise in the design and development of custom K-12 educational assessments and formative assessment materials.

Consultants are needed for writing, editing, and revising test items and/or passages that align to the Common Core State Standards or other state standards. In addition, consultants should be prepared to make suggestions concerning cognitive complexity, readability, and grade level appropriateness of items.

Qualified individuals will have:

  • Degree in the Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science or equivalent
  • Content development experience
  • Minimum of 3  years of experience in classroom teaching  at any grade level
  • Ability to devote necessary time when selected for a project        
  • Internet access, PC, and experience in Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Reader        
  • Experience with assessment writing preferred